Callum Els


Instagram: moosetattooart

Tattooing is not just an occupation for me, but one of my biggest passions, and the feeling of being able to mark someone with beautiful imagery that is appreciated and means something to the wearer is awesome. I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to do this for a living, and am constantly trying to improve my skills as an artist on canvas and paper, as well as on skin.

The styles I feel I am my strongest at, and urge people to use me for, are colour realism, black and grey realism and portraiture (in both colour and black and grey). As I have always drawn or painted this way it's natural for me to have a better understanding and ability in this type of work. With these styles I like to try and add a mood and atmosphere, so it is preferable for a client to give me either good reference or a detailed description of what they want, and let me run with their idea to produce a unique, quality piece.

Styles that I absolutely will not do are: life stories (mass amounts of text) and anything tribal. I don't do fix ups of other peoples work unless I feel that I can completely turn the piece around into something beautiful. I will also not do anything that I feel is a trend tattoo (for example, infinity symbols, vector birds). If I feel uncomfortable about doing a piece, I will rather refer you to someone else in the studio, as I only want to give people my best.

One last thing I'd like people to know is that I take my time when tattooing. I feel that my purpose is not to produce a mediocre tattoo, but a high quality artwork that will last for many years, and a piece that the client will always be proud to wear.