When vegans attack (or safe tattooing for vegans)

First off, I'd just like to thank the almighty Clutch for the title - which is in reality a small informative piece, for the benefit of our vegan and serious vegetarian clientèle.

As you may or may not know, some tattoo inks contain animal-based glycerine, and some blacks still make use of bone char. We get asked regularly enough about the vegan state of our establishment to want to clarify this for you.

The inks we use are as follows: Fusion (confirmed vegan via their website), Eternal (again self-proclaimed as vegan), and Dynamic black. Dynamic has a few online disputes over their being vegan or not, but I have it from them in writing that their black contains no glycerine, no bone char, and no other animal products whatsoever.

During the tattoo process we do not use stock-standard petroleum jelly, but have moved over to Hustle Butter - an organic, completely vegan product. Our stencil applicator, Stencil Stuff, is also a completely vegan product.

Next, in the interests of fairness, I need to tell you what is quite possibly not vegan in our studio (or hasn't been researched as such). In order to disinfect the skin we use a hospital grade alcohol based disinfectant. In order to clean the skin during tattooing we use Dettol diluted with distilled water. In order to keep our studio, and our equipment clean, we use hospital grade disinfectants, surfactants, germicides, etc. We are first and foremost a medical profession, and refuse to cut corners on cross contamination and infection control. This is for your protection, and the clients who come after you. (Footnote: All Steritech products used in our strerilising and disinfecting process, are in fact free of both animal products, and animal testing. Unfortunately there are a few things outside of that range that we cannot vouch for, but we keep trying to find cruelty free alternatives).

What this means is - we're as vegan friendly as we believe a tattoo studio can be, without causing undue risk to ourselves or to you, our clients.